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Imagine attending an "out of this world" event led by someone who has actually been there!

Getting to see the world from the perspective of an Astronaut who is one of the handful of people who has left the gravitational pull of the earth and floated in weightlessness. Share the thrill and adventure of a launch from Kennedy Space Center, The power of the Solid Rocket Boosters as they ignite and accelerate the spacecraft from zero to over seventeen thousand miles per hour (mach 25) in less than eight minutes. Feeling over three times the weight of gravity at launch to instantly becoming weightless as the engines shut down. "See" the earth through eyes that have experienced a sunrise and sunset every ninety minutes while in space. Hear about dedication and teamwork from someone whose "life depended on it". You will get a unique prospective of a leader who has achieved great success in not one, but usually two or three different fields and who will focus your message or theme into their prospective for your business or event along with the excitement of their experience. Few presentations can offer more.




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Capt. Jon A. McBride -
Astronaut, Test Pilot,
Navy Fighter Pilot



General Charlie Duke -

Moonwalker Apollo 16




Dr. Ed Gibson -
Record holder for time in space for 21 years









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