Capt. Jon A. McBride

Astronaut, Test Pilot, Navy Fighter Pilot









Jon McBride is a former NASA Astronaut, Space Shuttle pilot and current company president who has spoken widely on subjects ranging from the US Manned Space Flight Program to corporate management and entrepreneurial business to motivation and keynote addresses. One of only a handful of Americans to break the bounds of the earth’s gravity, McBride can offer a program that is dynamic, fast paced, hard hitting and uniquely tailored to your organization.

His presentations are packed with strategies, techniques, tactics, skills and tips that Capt. McBride has learned, practiced and tested over the past decade. The presentations are designed to pay off --- literally!

By having Capt. McBride work with your group or event you will be providing a quality presentation for your company or clients that can have long lasting effects. It is the kind of program that will stay with the participants long after the event or presentation is over.

In a presentation by McBride, your group will learn hands-on methods for better managing yourself and others. And, you get the unique perspective of a leader who has achieved great success in not one, but two, very different careers! Few presentations can offer more. Presentation topics are numerous, and include:

Capt. McBride’s company also provides management consulting services and management assistance. His duties with his company, his many activities in the business arena and his executive level contacts through the US Space Program puts him in contact with the leaders in business, government and economic development throughout the world.

Capt. McBrides company can provide assistance in the following areas:

Our expertise extends beyond those areas. We will be glad to talk with you about any special or particular problems you may have. If we can't assist you, we will be candid about it and help you find the right match.


McBride Flight Demonstration in F-4 Phantom

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